Bath & Body Works’ annual “Candle Day” occasion begun Friday morning and finishes in stores on Sunday. The occasion only takes place per annum and is familiar among candle specialists. Purchasers can select from 130 Bath & Body Works’ special 3-wick candles. In preceding years, for special one day, 3-wick candles that conventionally price $24.50 are available for $9.95. There’s been a modify this year with the sale expanding in stores, from Friday until Sunday. Shoppers seeming online for the deal can buy them. As the online sales cost doesn’t increase into the weekend. All candle buying comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 6, 2019, America’s beloved redolence retailer and candle producer, Bath & Body Works, will rejoice its Yearly Candle Day Saturday, Dec. 7. The per annum occasion anticipates the perfect best rates for consumers on more than 130 Bath & Body Works-exclusive and highly desired 3-Wick Candles.

With the centennial season in full stroke and Christmas less than three weeks aside, Bath & Body Works Candles make magnificent gifts for everyone on your list and are the ideal way to join a pleasant, fragrant luminosity at home all season long.

About Bath & Body Works’ Annual Candle Day

  • ALL 3-Wick Candles are available at the price rate i.e. $9.50 (retail value: $24.50), which is more than a 60% discount for one day only, especially on December 7.
  • This company has created the biggest event seasonally. The most highly predictable day of the year for brand followers and candle aficionados.
  • Consumers endeavor to be ready by some dress up. They seem forward to that day like they seem forward to Christmas daybreak.
  • Bath & Body Works will be accessible in stores regional & online on Annual Candle Day. 
  • Several places are offering to extend the hours for more stores opening at 7 a.m. Some shops opening earlier to the fixed time.
  • Buyers can buy early because the sale formally closes at night on Friday, December 6 while stocks end on

About the Variety

  • Approximately, there are 135 Bath & Body Works, exclusive 3-Wick Candles beyond more than 100 unique scents and including 38 new 3-Wick Candles will be launched solely for Candle Day, in which Sugared Blueberry Donut, Cereal Marshmallow Bar, and Red Velvet Cupcake.
  • Stock up on favorite Christmas scents like Fresh Balsam and seasonally. New products introduce including Tree Farm and Pink Fairy Gumdrop. During the year, the customer gives preferences to the Eucalyptus Mint, Mahogany Teakwood, and Champagne Toast.

Best Candles in the World

  • High attention to rich fragrance oils gives an amazing room-filling scent for up to 45 hours.
  • Crafted with a patented soy mixture wax and premium lead-free wicks for the best fragrance experience. A soft, delicate melt pool each time for constant quality from start to end.
  • Bath & Body Works has one of the best shops to create more fragrances than any other candle producer. Its sale is more 3-Wick Candles rather than other retailers in America.
  • It focuses on customer satisfaction. It also gives offers to the customer on every 3-Wick Candle with a 100% money-back guarantee.

For further details and information to experience Bath & Body Works’ 3-Wick Candles, you can visit your local Bath & Body Works store or go to For safety tips, how to use the Candle, instructions are available to visit Bath & Body Works’ Candle Safety Tips.


Bath & Body Works is one of the prominent retailers in the world and home to America’s Favorite Fragrances contributing a breadth of exclusive scents for the body as well as the house, in which #1 selling following collections:-

It is valuable that for more than 25 years, consumers have seen to Bath & Body Works for excellence, on-trend products, and the latest, most well-preserved scents. Nowadays, we can be bought these perfumed products at more than 1,800 Bath & Body Works and White Barn local locations worldwide as well as on Bath & Body Works holds by every product with a 100% guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have purchased it for any reason, so, you can return it at any time. 

The Magnificent Bath & Body Works Candle Day Sale Is Ultimately Here

For Bath & Body Works supporters and candle accumulators, today is your Super Bowl. That’s right, the annual Bath & Body Works Candle Day has appeared, and this year the blockbuster exhibition is bigger, unique, and better than ever.

Friday Scheme

That day, Friday, December 4th, every single jumbo 3-wick candle available online at Bath & Body had been marked down to just $9.95, which was the lowest price tag you had to see in a calendar year and a full 60% off, saving you almost $15 per bottle. So, it went without saying, was the most fortuitous time to stock up.

Online Buying

Important note before you begin anxiously clicking to affix candles to your virtual cart: You must utilize the promo code ‘Candle’ at checkout to get the 60%-off savings, and the limit of 18 candles per single order is proposed. If you wanna to choose a whole of scented candles, you need to enlist a colleague, family members to support you.

Online Proposal

Better yet, this year’s Candle Day fits Candle Weekend, including a never-before-seen sale expansion into Saturday and Sunday, while the current online proposal is exclusive to Friday if you lose it or would simply favor shopping for your candles in person (please simply do so carefully and with protection), the proposal extends in wares through Sunday, December 6th, with numerous retail locations endeavor to open their shops early to facilitate the order because as we well know, Candle-Day hype is very real.